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Woods with Fog

The Crest 

by Sarah Reasons 

At 16, James Dunlan has a life most teens would envy—one of glamour, prestige, and privilege. She is a member of the Families, a class of rulers on Mercer Island who are responsible for the rest of the world's way of life. All she has to do is follow the path the Society has chosen for her, and everything will be perfect. When she meets a mysterious boy from Fall City, secrets come to light, and she begins to see the cracks in the Society's façade. Why is she haunted by dreams of an unknown danger? What are the beasts that lurk in the darkness? Why does it seem the very people she thought she could trust most will stop at nothing to keep the Society strong? The more James uncovers, the more she realizes that everything is not what it seems, and only she has the power to save the people she loves.

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