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Meet Sarah Reasons

Sarah Reasons, born and raised in Arizona, realized at a young age her passion was to entertain. She started dance classes at age 2, which led her to many incredible experiences. Starring on America’s Got Talent and Dance Moms (seasons four and five), Sarah gained global recognition. Then, at age 13, she began acting training in Los Angeles which opened doors to additional commercials, television, and film opportunities.
An avid reader with a gifted imagination, Sarah had always dreamed of writing books. Surrounded by the world of acting, she started by writing televison and film. She penned her first television series at age 19 and then went on to write multiple screenplays - all while obtaining a fashion degree from Arizona State University and launching Unfit the Brand clothing line. She entered her work into screenwriting contests for feedback and won several accolades. By the age of 22, Sarah had become an accomplished entrepreneur, actor, internationally recognized dancer, television and film writer, and now an author. It’s her first series, The Crest, that provided the inspiration for this novel. 
Sarah believes with passion, hard work, and determination, and sometimes a little support and encouragement from others, anything is possible. One of her greatest desires is to inspire other young women to pursue their dreams. 
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